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Monday, 15 September 2014


This should have been the first posting from Yangon:  Heat, car horns, culture shock.

Instead, I am sitting at my kitchen table in Edmonton.  Cool, quiet, and very familiar.  Visa discussions between CUSO and the Myanmar Embassy did not allow for the planned departure on September 7.  The new target departure is September 21.  And then it became October 13.


  1. You could add a sidebar with the caveat and fundraising link.
    Your 1st follower

  2. Second followers here...hope you get away soon as we are looking forward to hearing your adventures.
    Richard and Dee

  3. Let the adventure begin! Looking forward to reading about it all.

  4. Since Maarten's roots are Dutch we will post in Dutch so now and then.

    His first stop on the way to Yangon is Holland! See you early next week brother!


  5. Maarten,

    Goed te horen dat je goed bent aangekomen! Nu aan het werk voor CUSO! Ben zo benieuwd naar je ervaringen. 27 febr staat in onze agenda's!

  6. Geluiden zijn onvermijdelijk en zeer plaats bepaald. Doet me denken aan Midden Oosten! Het went!